Maintenance tips for valentino belts ladies

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How to maintain valentino belts ladies will be less easy to break, so that it can be used for a longer period of time? As long as we use it correctly is not so easy to break, the use of reasonable methods can extend the life of maison valentino belt.

valentino belts ladies

Maintenance tips for valentino belts ladies

1、Avoid letting valentino belts ladies collide with hard objects and rub with sharp objects.

2, valentino belts ladies need frequent maintenance oil,

occasional cleaning, wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth, and then evenly sassafras belt surface;.

maison valentino belt

3, maison valentino belt when not in use placed in a dry place.

4, maintain ventilation.

5, avoid placing the belts in the sun,

one side leads to rapid aging of leather, fading or dry cracking.

6, belts on the buckle part and other hardware maintenance,

win regularly wipe with a dry cloth sassafras, pay attention to moisture and water can be;.

7, avoid contact with chemicals.

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