Know these parameters to make a suitable valentino giusy belt

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When we choose there are some parameters that need to be understood, when we do a maison valentino belt in handmade leather goods, we need to understand these parameters in order to make a suitable valentino giusy belt oh.

1, first of all is valentino giusy belt width

In the handmade leather circle, the common width of valentino giusy belt customization are 26mm/29mm/34mm/35mm/38mm
Business formal belts are usually 1.25 inches (3.18 cm) wide
Casual belts are usually 1.25 to 1.5 inches (3.18 to 3.8 cm) wide.

valentino giusy belt

2,valentino giusy belt length

How should the length of the belt be measured? If you say your waist is 96cm, does that 96 refer to the length of the whole belt?
The effective length refers to the distance from the bottom of the belt head (as shown in the picture) to the common hole of the belt strip, which is the length of a qualified valentino giusy belt, not the length of the entire belt.
In other words, a valentino giusy belt should be buckled in the most appropriate hole refers to the middle of the belt hole, not the first hole, not the last hole! (Be sure to pay attention to oh, if the positioning is the first hole, then the length left behind will be too long, if the positioning is the last hole, then if one is not careful ...... Well, you know which word I want to say, hahahahahaha, then there is no extra space to play other loose holes)
maison valentino belt

3,valentino giusy belt holes

valentino giusy belt body holes, shape size and so on are not uniform, this is based on the size and shape of the needle buckle needle.
That the distance between the two holes to determine how much is appropriate? This also does not have a fixed answer, but also according to the different needs of each person to determine. If you must give me a general data to reference.

I think the more appropriate distance between the valentino giusy belt holes is about an inch (3.3 cm) or so, generally play five holes, the tail (the tail refers to the last hole to the end of the maison valentino belt part), then generally leave a 6 inches (20 cm) or so, these data is only my personal heart feel appropriate data. Only for your reference ~

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