dolce and gabbana belt mens style difference

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  There are two main types of dolce and gabbana belt mens, respectively formal and casual. Many people choose dolce and gabbana belt when the first step is wrong, thinking that automatic buckle is the most formal, what clothes can be used, wear suits also with automatic buckle, in fact, automatic buckle belongs to dry casual, not formal wear. Here's the difference between formal dolce and gabbana belt mens and casual dolce and gabbana belt mens

dolce and gabbana belt

1, dolce and gabbana belt mens formal wear

The style of formal dolce and gabbana belt mens is pin buckle, simple style, buckle head preferably without obvious chart room, the color is black, brown, mainly, the material is leather. Mainly with the suit, leather belt width of 3 cm, not too wide or too narrow. Formal wear should have 5 holes, the third (or middle) hole should be just used. dolce and gabbana belt cross-sectional process requirements: the use of full vegetable tanned first layer of yellow cowhide. Double thin cowhide, the middle sandwich hard leather core, can not be too thick, the outer layer to glossy. Single-layer thick cowhide is generally not used for formal wear, buckle head to the original color pure copper is better, you can also use platinum plating, rhodium plating process, the stitching should be fine, it is best to have stitching up and down, so strong. The buckle head to be sewn to death, worse than the first class is fixed with screws, the worst is fixed with teeth. Needle buckle has a long history, it is the original with the classical flavor of the suit, especially in foreign countries, the style of formal wear is more elaborate, you can see that all foreign underwear is conservative and simple pin buckle type.

dolce and gabbana belt mens

2、dolce and gabbana belt mens casual

Casual dolce and gabbana belt mens styles are mainly automatic buckle, smooth buckle and so on, part of the more trendy modeling pin buckle also belongs to the casual category. Casual dolce and gabbana belt mens material is also very wide, in addition to cowhide, there are various other leather and canvas, etc.. Because of the beautiful style, easy to use, casual style sales to far greater dry formal style, generally speaking, ordinary people are serious about wearing a suit time is very little, casual dolce and gabbana belt often more in line with the daily requirements. Automatic buckle without eyelets, generally behind the belt body has teeth, when using just pull tight or relaxed can be, pin buckle or smooth buckle on the belt have eyes, use rely on the buckle needle inserted. From the point of view of convenience, automatic buckle is more convenient and quick. If you look at durability, almost most pin buckle belts are more durable. The automatic buckle will have teeth to uncover the consumption, the service life depends on the brand and quality of the belt.

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