valentino v belt different tying method

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valentino v belt is an indispensable decoration for women to wear, so how to tie the valentino v belt to look better? Look at the mario valentino belt womens tying method recommended for you, give you a different temperament and taste, take a look at it!

valentino thin belt

1,valentino v belt trench coat before the bow tying method

1.1, first two straps cross;
1.2, fold the following belt;
1.3, put it to the left side;
1.4,Pick up the top strap;
1.5, put it on the bottom band;
1.6,Put the top band through the bottom band;

2,valentino v belt rose knot tying method

valentino v belt two ends long and short, fold the short end, the short end has been folded for the center point, the long and short end wrapped as petals.

valentino v belt

3,valentino v belt new tying method

The valentino thin belt control ladies, you are still rigidly tied belt? Tell you different belt tying can actually wear a different feeling, Europe and the United States, Korean model, sexy, cute, small fresh, there is always your favorite. The 12 kinds of belt tying method, and then do not learn to dent the man la ...... will first belt preferences buckle, and then in the middle of a knot, remember to follow the path of the belt, and then pull the head, from the middle of the knot through the past, it is good. Form a triangle, but also to avoid the extra belt in the way. The same need to tie the belt buckle, and then around the belt a circle, in the top down through the past, is to tie the kind of bow tie, and then tug tight on it. It looks like half a bow, save time and beautiful. If you are wearing a military trench coat or work clothes, you can use this belt tying method of decoration. After tying the belt, see the extra end folded, and then the head from the bottom to the top around a circle, and then from the circle left in the opposite through, pull tight on OK.

4, elegant valentino v belt tying method

The simpler and more elegant valentino thin belt tying method, as long as the belt is tied, and then clockwise around the circle, the belt all around the same telephone line, and then the head into the waist fixed, it is good. So many valentino thin belt tying method, you are still taking the ordinary route? Hurry up to try it!

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