When do I need a valentino skinny belt

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In other words, what exactly is the use of a belt valentino? When should you think of using a belt? I believe that many people have more than one belt in their closet, but you rarely use it or use it right, the party teacher summed up four situations suitable for using valentino skinny belt: 1.

1. valentino skinny belt emphasizes the waistline

When you wear to a long or not too long or not too short single product, it looks like it will eat your height, you can consider using valentino skinny belt to emphasize the waistline and create the upper and lower body ratio.
When is it appropriate to use a belt?

valentino wide belt

2.valentino skinny belt contraction silhouette

When you wear to a more horizontal expansion of the single product, such as oversize down jacket, especially beyond your body type driving ability of the jacket, either will make you fat, or will make you look poorly loaded into the set, you can consider using valentino skinny belt to shrink the silhouette, slim waist to make people do not think you are really that wide oh.

3. valentino skinny belt upper and lower clothes have obvious divisions need to be trimmed

For example, the top hem tucked into the waist of the pants or skirt of the bottom, but we are worried about it running out, this time you can also consider using the belt to save the day, a relatively wide valentino wide belt can solve this problem.

valentino skinny belt

4.valentino skinny belt draws the dotted line

Even a very simple valentino skinny belt, choose the right match can also help us add a good number of beauty principle, so that the whole body wear presents a magical effect oh.

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