women's valentino belt selection details

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One, women's valentino belt important two selection details

1, women's valentino belt width

In addition to considering the width from a decorative point of view, in fact, the reality of the consideration or from the perspective of our body, the waist fine girl various styles of women's valentino belt no taboo, but for the waist thick and small belly obvious girls should try to avoid valentino wide belt, it will magnify the waist problem.

women's valentino belt

2、women's valentino belt buckle tab size

Usually a women's valentino belt important decorative patterns are in the buckle tabs, whether valentino wide belt, or fine, the wider the belt buckle, the larger, the more likely to show waist thick, so the waist thick girl try to choose the buckle tabs small, simple belt decoration style.

The woman is a woman.

valentino wide belt

Two, women's valentino belt wearing method is also very important

1, small people wearing women's valentino belt

Raise the waistline method is crucial for small people, so women's valentino belt to try to tie in the high waist position, so as to elongate the lower body proportion, tall people can feel free.

2、Women's valentino belt worn by people with thick waist

Try to tie in the high waist position, even if the fat, stomach and large people, the bottom of the chest will be relatively thin. So, as long as the women's valentino belt tied in a high waist position, with loose coat hem, X-shaped tops or dresses, you can avoid the thick place, while hiding the fat waist abdomen, so as to achieve the role of thin!

3、Women's valentino belt is worn by people with long waist

If the waist is long, the ratio of the legs will be relatively short, and the upper body ratio will be long, it is also necessary to tie the women's valentino belt in a high waist position to long visual adjustment of the upper and lower body ratio is better.

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