To get a mario valentino belt need to consider the problem

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one,To get a mario valentino belt need to consider the problem

When you want to get a mario valentino belt, you should consider the following questions.
1. buckle or belt? Both parts can be a standout, but never try to make both the center of attention.
2, you don't need to do anything special with it, try to avoid those sets with good mario valentino belt and shoes, because that will look very pretentious and unnatural. However, if the shoes are too mismatched with the belt is of course not good either.
3, if you have this leather label on your jeans, then your mario valentino belt should cover it up.
4, for any belt wider than valentino reversible belt 40mm, you are advised to think twice.
 mario valentino belt

two,choose mario valentino belt height is also important

A mario valentino belt, as a "waist cut" your whole person role, may break your whole LOOK. So, if you want to look higher, then your belt valentino as long as you can shape the waistline is enough -- that is, match the color of your pants, rather than choosing a very striking one to emphasize where your waistline is.

valentino reversible belt 40mm

If you're tall enough, then a mario valentino belt that clashes with your outfit or is otherwise eye-catching will suit you better. Implement the principle of "balance" with: if your pants are more low-key, then with high-key belt valentino; if your pants are more personality, then with a more simple belt.

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