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pay attention to the choice of vlogo belt buckle

Author:V & DG Logo Belts Supplier FROM:Belts Manufacturer TIME:2023-01-14

1,vlogo belt to wear a wide shirt out of the curve of the secret

The vlogo belt is the best way to make your body look better than that of the bloggers on the left, although their body types are very similar and they wear similar shirts and dresses. This is what I want to say to you, there are times when dressing does not depend on the body, but on the details to win. vlogo belt to wear a wide shirt out of the curve of the secret, in addition to the role of decoration, the belt is a godsend to show thinness and height. So today, I will share with you 9 practical and fashionable belt, once to tell you how the belt should be picked, how to tie and how to ride.

vlogo belt

2,pay attention to the choice of vlogo belt buckle

black valentino belt is really a classic in the classic, no matter what kind of occasion you attend can be useful, almost suitable for all pants and skirts with, very practical. If you can't pinpoint the use of color, you want a set of safe not to make mistakes with, then like this classic black belt is very suitable. black valentino belt because the color of the daily, want to look slightly more fashionable, I suggest you pay attention to the choice of vlogo belt buckle, like the metal buckle can greatly increase the texture of the belt. And metal buckle also divided into two kinds, gold buckle and silver buckle, I personally prefer gold buckle, better than silver buckle with.

3,for the color vlogo belt and bright-colored single product with

As an advanced version of the basic belt, bright belt valentino is also a style I will always have. In the dress color is relatively plain, I will take color belt valentino to brighten up the overall look. For the girls who usually do not dare to wear bright colors, you can use the bright colors on the belt, a small area of embellishment is not exaggerated, but also look more energetic. The color vlogo belt and bright-colored single product collocation, in the case of playing bad color collocation, my insight is to find the same color belt with the clothes, with each other is good. For example, my top has a red color block, so I will use the red belt to do with, so that both harmonious and easy to use. Than black valentino belt will still be slightly fat, waist fat girls try to thin belt-based, waist thin enough girls can be free to wear it ~ in addition to color, texture elements can also enhance the chic degree of basic belt. Currently on the market there are many in the classic belt design lychee and animal prints and so on texture, to ensure the practical premise of the belt looks more textured.

belt valentino

4,in the texture vlogo belt selection advice

In the choice of textured vlogo belt, I recommend that you try to light surface is the main, this kind of vlogo belt material plus the texture shows the bumpy pattern to look senior. The matte material of the belt combined with the texture, the pattern will visually become chaps effect, looks very old fashioned, lose the original texture. For the texture vlogo belt, I still prefer bright colors, than black valentino belt look more spiritual, with bright pants will not show dull, but also can increase the sense of hierarchy.

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